2015/2016- The Year of Dates

When I came across the 12 months of dates on Pinterest, I knew this would make the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! My husband and I have gotten into a bit of a rut when it comes to date night, so I was eager to come up with some new adventures. This project did take a few weeks to complete, but the end result was so worth it!

My first step was to brainstorm date nights that were creative, and also inexpensive. Once I had 12 dates picked out, I went to websites and Groupon to purchase vouchers and gift cards. My goal was to stay under $50 for each date night, which could be tricky!

I wanted a compact way to store these gifts, and a scrapbook seemed like the perfect solution. Additionally, it would prompt us to take pictures during date night. I swear in our 4 years together, we have less than a handful of pictures together that aren’t from our wedding!

I wrote a little note explaining the idea to my husband. My hope is that we can open the envelope together on the first of the month and then determine which day will work best for our date. I am eager to begin our monthly date nights, and I think this will bring my us closer together!






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