Making My Own Luck

I have been staring at the space above our kitchen window since we moved into our house. I was dying for a vintage sign to fill the space. I eyed a few Pottery Barn signs, but they were so expensive ($100) and didn’t hold any special meaning for me. I am at my happiest crafting, so I was determined to create something unique for our home.

We both have sentimental attachment to the word “Lucky”, so I wanted to be sure to incorporate that into my design. Also, I owned a horse growing up, and I had one leftover horseshoe from him sitting in the garage waiting to be used for something crafty! I had seen a sign using a horseshoe as the letter “U”, so I was inspired!

Fortunately, we already had white wood in the garage leftover from another project. I measured and it was the right size for above the window- don’t you love when things like that work out? I designed the sign using my Silhouette software, making sure that the letters matched the size of the horseshoe and coordinated with the vintage style. I cut my letters out of vinyl so that I could paint over them and peel them off later.

I laid out my sign and transferred the vinyl, making sure that I left space for the horseshoe. Once I had my letters stuck, I used a light green paint to paint over everything. I needed to paint the sides too, as this sign would be hanging up high and people would be able to see the sides.

Once the paint was dry, I peeled off the vinyl letters. This was my first sign project, and I was impressed with how crisp the letters turned out! Finally, I nailed the horseshoe in place and stepped back to admire my work. Initially, I was totally content with the result. However, after coming back to it after a day, it felt too “clean”.


I had a bit of gel wood stain on hand, so I went over the paint with the gel and deepened the colors in some areas. The sign definitely had more of a vintage feel after that finishing touch!

My hubby helped me put 2 sawtooth hangers on the back and hang it up above the window. He was very impressed when I told him the cost of this project was just pennies. I love adding personal touches to our home, and this sign makes me smile every time I walk into our kitchen!



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