The Future Starts Today!

Winter has arrived, and I am such a wimp about cold weather! As we are exploring our home, we discovered that our thermostat was original to the house- meaning that it was older than me. Although I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing…

Anyway, we started to research fancy new techie thermostats. In order to save energy, I really wanted to be able to control our home’s temperature while we are out and about. With a learning thermostat, our system would learn about our lifestyle and turn off the heat when we weren’t around. We got advice about various models from a few friends and decided upon the Nest.

After watching their awesome video tutorial, I wasn’t sure if our wiring was compatible. I took a quick photo of our wiring and sent it over to the smart engineers at Nest. Within 24 hours, they emailed me back a customized wiring guide and we were good to go!

Let me preface with the fact that I am NOT a handy person. When we removed the original thermostat, I actually almost broke open the mercury vial when I slammed it down on the table. Way to go, me… Anywayyyyy, within 30 minutes we had removed our “vintage” thermostat and installed our modern Nest! The screen on the thermostat literally walked us through the entire set up process, and looks so pretty.

We have used the Nest for a few weeks, and have seen energy savings! I love that I can look online at our energy history and the Nest will give me tips on how to save energy in the future. And if you have seen the commercials, my legs muscles are still going strong and as far as I know the internets haven’t come to life! 🙂



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