Sweet Dreams

This weekend, my husband and I had friends visiting from out of town. Since we recently moved into our new home, I realized that I needed to make sure that our guest room had all of the necessary supplies. I find that the best way to see what is missing is to “live” in the room for one day. So, I slept in our guest room and was able to easily identify what was lacking.

We realized that the mattress in our guest room was so uncomfortable that I barely got any sleep! Therefore, after a bit of research we decided to head over to IKEA to pick up a new mattress. Their selection was not bad, and we were able to score a brand new spring mattress for under $200! Best of all, the mattress comes rolled up, so it was a breeze to fit in the car. I tried taking a cat nap on it, and it was very comfortable for me. Our guests didn’t have any complaints either. This is the mattress we finally agreed upon!

I also made sure that I had toiletires, bathrobes, closet space, and etnernaintment needs (tv, dvds, books, magazines) covered. We had a few vintage postcards left from our wedding, so I also stashed those away in the guest room. Now that our guest room is ready, I am inviting everyone to stay with us!

A pair of bathrobes is a necessity:


I like these vintage postcards of San Francisco! Also, a little candle makes the room a bit more homey. Finally, I have a little bowl and tag for charging cell phones and tablets. Our WiFi passcode is on the back for convenience.



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