Friends, Food, and Fun

This past weekend, we had a few friends over for a small dinner party. We enjoy seeing old (and new) friends on a regular basis and are always happy to host events to get everyone together.

I decided to celebrate fall a bit and decorate our table with a few autumnal accents. The centerpieces are just popcorn kernels layered on the bottom, with mini pumpkins layered on top. I also knit little acorn ornaments as gifts for our guests and learned a new napkin fold to accent the acorns. After this tutorial from The Wood Grain Cottage, I was inspired to make burlap placements with our initial. My goal was to highlight the season, but not overwhelm the table.

We had a great time, after all what’s better than good friends, good food, and good wine?!




Sweet Dreams

This weekend, my husband and I had friends visiting from out of town. Since we recently moved into our new home, I realized that I needed to make sure that our guest room had all of the necessary supplies. I find that the best way to see what is missing is to “live” in the room for one day. So, I slept in our guest room and was able to easily identify what was lacking.

We realized that the mattress in our guest room was so uncomfortable that I barely got any sleep! Therefore, after a bit of research we decided to head over to IKEA to pick up a new mattress. Their selection was not bad, and we were able to score a brand new spring mattress for under $200! Best of all, the mattress comes rolled up, so it was a breeze to fit in the car. I tried taking a cat nap on it, and it was very comfortable for me. Our guests didn’t have any complaints either. This is the mattress we finally agreed upon!

I also made sure that I had toiletires, bathrobes, closet space, and etnernaintment needs (tv, dvds, books, magazines) covered. We had a few vintage postcards left from our wedding, so I also stashed those away in the guest room. Now that our guest room is ready, I am inviting everyone to stay with us!

A pair of bathrobes is a necessity:


I like these vintage postcards of San Francisco! Also, a little candle makes the room a bit more homey. Finally, I have a little bowl and tag for charging cell phones and tablets. Our WiFi passcode is on the back for convenience.


Happy Halloween!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I absolutely adore fall and decorating for the season!

I am a big fan of collecting items for each and every holiday, but I like to accomplish a beautiful vignette on a budget. I often hunt through the Dollar Tree to find something that I could transform into something that I would be proud to display on my mantel. Michaels is also a favorite stop- the coupons combined with sale items makes for a bargain hunter’s dream. Finally, The Graphics Fairy is one of my favorite websites for beautiful vintage graphics that I can frame for a touch of whimsy anywhere in the house!

Below are pictures of a few of my most recent projects:

This is my take on The Headless Horseman. This horse is one of my favorite pieces in our home, so it’s fun to add a little bit of spookiness in an unexpected way.


This little skeleton was a terrible white plastic before. I used a bit of silver acrylic paint to cover it, and then placed it under a square cloche. Perfectly spooky!


I found this little crow at the Dollar Tree as well. I spray painted terra cotta pots with chalkboard paint and then filled them with a bit of foam. I covered the foam with Spanish moss, and then stuck the crow in. Finally, I added a few Halloween phrases to break up all that black.


This project was one of my favorites. I found a skeleton garland at the Dollar Tree and cut it apart. The hands all went into bud vases, and the heads in another. Creepy in a small way!


The Leaves are Falling…

Growing up on the East Coast, fall has always been my favorite season. I love the crisp chilly air, the beautiful colors on the trees, and the great fashion!

It makes my heart sing to know that we will be in our home for years to come, so I am eager to perfect my seasonal decor. In fact, my perfect weekend afternoon involves crafting a new project with my puppies and a glass of wine by my side. Of course, my husband serves as the ever patient sounding board. He knows what’s coming when I yell down the hallway, “Hey, can I borrow you for a second…”

Below are pictures of what I was able to create for fall in our home: